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Antistax® Double Fresh Gel

A busy lifestyle can leave your legs feeling tired, aching and uncomfortably heavy, particularly if you spend long periods standing or sitting. So at the end of a long day don’t your legs deserve a treat?

Antistax® Double Fresh Gel is a unique, easily absorbed and non-greasy solution which soothes and refreshes tired, heavy legs. Simply apply it whenever needed throughout the day.
Antistax® Double Fresh Gel contains the unique bioactive Flaven made with natural Red Vine Leaf Extract.

Simply massage the lightly peppermint oil scented gel into your legs where it will be rapidly absorbed getting to work right away. In this way your microcirculation is stimulated and together with the unique combination of cooling and skin-caring agents will help to leave your legs feeling refreshed and revitalised. Put the spring back into your step with Antistax® Double Fresh Gel.