Antistax<sup>®</sup> - Tablets

Antistax® Tablets

Antistax® tablets help maintain leg vein health and offer effective relief by improving blood flow in your legs, and noticeably reducing pain and swelling1.

Antistax® comes in easy-to-take tablets containing an extract of red vine leaf AS 195 (Bio-Active Flaven) which is clinically proven to provide symptomatic relief of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI Syndrome)3.


The dosage of Antstax® tablets is:


Adults: Take one film coated tablet (360 mg) in the morning. The dose may be increased to two film coated tablets daily. Swallow tablets whole with water before breakfast.


Should the condition not improve within six weeks, please consult your medical practitioner.


Pack Sizes: Tablets 30's or 60's pack