Red Vine Leaf Extract

Antistax® tablets is a naturally derived supplement that can help maintain leg vein health. It comes in easy to take tablets containing a unique extract of red vine leaf AS 195 (Bio-Active Flaven).

Antistax<sup>®</sup>  - Red Vine Leaf

Studies have shown that red vine leaf extract and it's flavonoids relieve symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency syndrome like1

  • Swollen calves and aching legs
  • Tiredness and heaviness of the legs
  • Tension and tingling in the legs

The active ingredient in ANTISTAX® is red vine leaf extract.

Red vine leaf extract is a complex mixture of different classes of compounds of which some flavon / flavonol glucosides and glucuronides were identified. Non-clinical studies in vitro, showed that red vine leaf extract protects the vascular epithelium by stabilising the membranes and increasing the elasticity (normalisation of the vascular permeability). Reduction in the extravasation of plasma, proteins or water into the interstitial tissue surrounding the venous vessels inhibits the formation of oedemas and reduces existing oedema.

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